Minor changes


Paying a full-time webmaster when you only make changes once every 3 months is not good for business. That’s why I created this product for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 $80.00
5 - 9 10 % $72.00
10+ 25 % $60.00

What is a minor change?

Minor change is every work that take us less than an hour. Some examples are:

  • Add an element to you page menu.
  • Change the color or the font size in your site.
  • Change the image for other in a entry.
  • Install or setup a plugin.
  • Any work that takes us less than an hour.

What is NOT a minor change?

  • Any work that requires code programming or code modification of a plugin or the site.
  • Creation of a page or some pages of a site
  • Creation or email layout

What happens if my work takes more than an hour?

If your work takes more than an hour you can hire more than one minor change, so you can get more time for a work. You can also think about hiring a changes plan.

What happens if my work takes less than an hour?

We always advice joining small works that can be done in an hour. If you don’t have enough assignments, maybe you should go for a changes plan

How do i know if my work takes less than an hour or not?

We always confirm with you if your work can be done in an hour or not. If you want to secure before buying, you can write to us using the contact form.

If I have time left, would you give me a refund?

Time unit for a minor change is an hour, it means, it doesn’t matter of the work takes us 5 minutes or 59 minutes, the price paid is for one minor change. That’s why we recommend join assignments. Also, you can go for a changes plan, this one has a time unit based on minutes.

What is a changes plan?

If you hire more than 3 hours of minor changes, is considered as you’re packing changes, that makes you creditor of various benefits like the possibility to count the time in minutes instead of hours.

Price table
Discount applied for hour and way of counting the time.

These minor changes expire?

If you hire an hourly plan, your changes don’t expire. If you have available time, you can use your changes.

How do I know how much time I have?

If you hire an hourly plan, we’ll give you a link to a google document, in this one we’ll be updating the hired hours.

I’m still having questions; how do I contact you?

If you have additional doubts, you can send me a message in the contact form and I’ll be answering you as soon as possible. You can also write to my chatbot

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