WooCommerce – Datafast Payment Gateway

From: $50.00 / year

Accept payments on your website through Datafast. Use the card storage option to make it easier for returning customers to pay.


WooCommerce integration with the Datafast payment gateway.

  • Make payments with any credit or debit card
  • Offer deferred payments for the country’s main credit cards
  • Ready to perform integration tests with Datafast
  • Ready to perform transactional testing with Datafast


  • You must have the implementation guide provided by Datafast
  • You need a website with WooCommerce and SSL key
  • You must have the privacy policy and terms of use pages required by DataFast

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I make deferred payments?
A: You can make deferred payments with all cards with which Datafast allows deferred payments.

Q: With which cards does Datafast accept deferred payments?
A: Datafast accepts deferred payments with all Banco Guayaquil cards (including Amex), Banco Pacífico, Diners Club (including Discover), Banco Pichincha, Banco de Loja, Banco General Rumiñahui and Banco de Manabí.

Q: What happens with the deferred loans from Banco Internacional, Produbanco and others?
A: Datafast does not accept deferred payments with the cards of these banks, but you can continue charging in current with any card from those banks.

Q: How do I make cancellations?
A: Cancellations must be made through an administrative process. In future versions I will add overrides from WooCommerce.

Q: Is the amount to be paid a one-time fee or do I have to pay for updates every year?
A: The value you pay includes one year of updates and support, after one year you will stop having updates and support and the plugin will only make test transactions. To continue using the plugin without problems you will need to renew your license.

Q: I want to get paid with Datafast in my site but I don’t have the guide. can you help me to get it.
A: We can’t help you to get the guide, but if you send me a message or chat with chatbot, we can give you the contact of someone that could help you at Datafast.

Q: I’m not very technological, could you install and configure the plugin for me?
A: I can help you with the installation and configuration, but I will have to charge you separately for that. You can hire my Datafast implementation service to do it.

Q: What version of PHP, WordPress and/or WooCommerce do I need to use this plugin?
A: This plugin requires you to have PHP 7.3 or higher, WordPress 5.0 or higher, and WooCommerce 6.0 or higher

Q: I still having questions, how do I contact you?
A: If you have additional doubts, you can send me a message in the contact form and I’ll be answering you as soon as possible. You can also write to my chatbot

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